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25th April 2014
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29th April 2014
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About ExamBooth

Education is a sound investment that is expected to enhance the economic growth of individuals.

Education is also described as a process by which every society attempts to preserve and upgrade the accumulated knowledge, skills and attitudes in its cultural setting and heritage in order to foster continuously the well being of mankind and guarantee its survival against the unpredictable, at times hostile and destructive elements and forces of man and nature.It is a known fact that education is a strong factor of social mobility. This means that education has the ability to influence a person’s future economic status in society. One area that brings to light the poor show of the sector is the abysmal outing of Nigerian students in various public examinations

The woeful performance of our students in West African Examination Council (WAEC), National Examination Council (NECO), Joint Admission Matriculations Board (JAMB) and other public examinations has been a source of worry to many parents and other stakeholders in the sector.

With the rapid decline in these examinations, and with the introduction of the Computer Based Testing - CBT method by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board, it has become paramount that an enabling platform and environment be created to enable students acclimatize with the new form of administering these exams, as well as foster better learning methods. Zoycom Solutions has embarked upon this educational based project to provide an on-the-go solution to students looking to effectively prepare themselves for such examinations. The changing technological as well as societal trends were considered in the development of this application and the necessary features put in place to accommodate these trends.

The ExamBooth project was initiated on the 14th of November 2013, after a five day session held behind closed doors between a group of 7 highly placed academicians and members of the application development team of Zoycom Solutions.

The aim of these sessions were to deduce causatives for the tremendous decline in the general performance of students and how technology could be employed to foster better study

methods to a constantly evolving and restless age genre. These birthed most of the features of The ExamBooth..

The ExamBooth platform is absolutely flexible, in that it can be customized to administer all types of online examinations, as well as create adequate study environment for various examination dumps. The application development team recently embarked on including past questions for GRE, A levels and GMAT examinations to the already existing past questions for JAMB, WAEC & NECO examinations.

The Zoycom ExamBooth features include;

  • Simple and Smart Interface
  • 3 step process to begin examination
  • Fully responsive interface for laptops and smart devices
  • Alternate sign up tools: Sign up with social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter.
  • Post scores directly via social media and invite friends to challenge scores
  • Extensive Report Charts : Generate cumulative examination report charts
  • Extensive Database of Past Questions: JAMB, WAEC and NECO
  • Simulates actual CBT environment
  • Timed – Main and Mock Examinations available
  • Start and Pause Mock Exams
  • Extensive history of account activity
  • Chat Forums for all subjects
  • Live Support for students: Online live technical support service
  • Optional Administrative end for Teachers’ simulation of examinations
  • Extremely affordable subscription plans(N800, N1600, N2000)
  • Fully Customizable Platform to administer online examinations

And Much More

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