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29th April 2014
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1st May 2014
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Ecommerce Starter Package

Have you always wanted to start your own online store, selling a wide range of products & services?

Has the hassle and high costs of integrating the means of receiving payments for goods &services you sell, often discouraged you from taking that very next leap in your online business? Snap out of your worries, as Zoycom Solutions has just the right fit for you. With our E-Commerce starter package, you dont need to worry about how to set up your eCommerce platform nor how to integrate and manage an online payment platform for your online store.We can set you up with very robust E-Commerce features so you can start selling within 2 weeks! Start Managing your store, receive and disburse payments to third parties easily, add and maintain product inventory with our E-commerce Starter Package Solution.

Starter Online payment Platform

The Zoycom Ravepay

is one of the easiest ways to accept payments globally directly from cards,bank accounts and mobile money wallets.At the flip of a switch, you can begin accepting payments globally from the first day.Rave gives you incredible insight into who your customers are so you can understand who they are and their transaction habits when using your product

  • Rich Customer Data
  • Fraud Protection
  • Multi Tenancy Support
  • Get to know more about our payment solution for your eCommerce platform,

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