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Custom Solutions

What’s your problem?Lets help you Think Outside the Box. Enhance your potential, Inspire our passion.

Austin Sarkodi -Senior Applications Engineer, Zoycom Solutions

If you’re using out-of-the-box applications or solutions for your essential business operations and if it seems like all you’re doing is losing time, money and patience then you need to seriously consider customized solutions development.

Think you can’t afford it? Think again! With our custom solutions, we specialize in developing cost-effective customized solutions for our clients. Most people assume custom software development is out of reach for their company, but if your staff is fighting the software tools that are supposed to be helping them, how can you afford not to?

From smart customization of the pre-developed platforms or products to full-cycle custom software development and product development along the client’s vision, Zoycom's Solutions is an experienced development partner to deliver cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements.

The CTS Tracker

The CTS tracker was developed as a test solution for the Centre for Demorcacy & Development(CDD) west africa to provide verifiabe raw facts and figures about Terrorism incidents within the ECOWAS Region.

Also designed to provide helpful information to security agencies for counter-terrorism actions and for promoting a common regional approach to the prevention and combating of terrorism within the Community.Designed to harness support and resources at the continental and international levels to enhance the capabilities of Community Members to enforce their continental and international counter-terrorism obligations and to enable them undertake rapid responses to terrorist acts.

The CTS Tracker can be customized to suit specific tracking and data sourcing purposes. We can re-design to accomodate the need. It provides real-time information with full graphical illustration of data. A verification and information approval terminal is in built and accessible via the administrator panel. Various user levels are also available.

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Snap N Share App

Snap N Share a Picture

The Snap & Share a picture app was custom built for Total Nigeria, Lagos, as a fun application for their end of year party. Working with the Planning Committee, the application was designed for party guests to participate in a picture and comments competition, while having fun at the party.

Great for Weddings, Birthday parties and Events. Party Promotions for bars, restaurants, hair salons, local business and/or any business that just wants to update their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds in real-time with photos and captions.

The Snap & Share app can be customized to suit your preferences for whatever your event. We can re-design to accommodate the need. It provides real-time event captions and acts as a feed for all of your social media platforms during the course of your event. Stored Data from the application is backed up and can be retrieved from the administration back-end

The Snap & Share a picture app has become a favorite for weddings within the Federal Capital. Working closely with wedding planners, we ensure to add a touch of class and fun to wedding events.

Snap & Share can run within a closed user group at your event venue or on a dedicated server online. Running within a CUG (closed user group)environment, provides your users at the event with a high level of privacy, ensuring that images and comments posted are only accessible to a specific group. However, the online version allows the application real-time access to your social media platforms and posts directly to your specified social media platform.

The Snap & Share app is accessible to all makes of smart phone/mobile device. Allows for user authentication with OTP. As specified, the application can be customized and re-modeled to act and suit your event concept.

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Mobile Applications

We provide mobile development services and solutions for both enterprise and consumer clients .We are always focused on providing custom mobile application development which fits even the most demanding projects.

Iphone, Android and Black Berry. What platform would you like your mobile app to run on? Each platform has its own strengths and quirks, to maximize its application's potential on any chosen platform; we've built an active, dedicated & effective team that works for you.

Mention your functionality needs on mobile apps, we could be your right partner carrying through the process to help you in realizing right platform that meets the needs of your application. Also, importantly, we work to place your product well positioned across the markets.

Online Payment Solution

The Zoycom Ravepay is an end-to-end payment infrastructure which covers all aspects of processing payments; from providing the Payments Gateway API to managing payments risks and settlement. This reduces the need for multiple legacy payment gateway integrations that increase the risk of failed payments.

Get Paid:

Accept multiple payment options across Africa. The payments infrastructure connects directly to local and international card schemes as well mobile money and bank accounts across Africa. Accept more payments and grow new revenue across new markets in Africa with a single integration and system.


Pay anyone across AfricaSend money to over 100 million cards, 135 million bank accounts and 80 million mobile money wallets across Africa from anywhere in the world. Pay bills and buy airtime across Africa from anywhere in the world.

Fast Integration

Self-service access to our APIs allows you to build the scale your existing payment solutions & create the next wave of innovative products to & from the African Market!

Multiple Providers

Our Infrastructure is connected to over 68 gateways and this ensures you can receive and process payments from anywhere in the world in your client’s local currency in Africa. 1-click payment & Recurrent Payment are supported via our infrastructure.

Eliminate Payment Risks

Our stack of PCI-compliant solutions ensure you never miss a payment. We monitor all transactions and flag suspicious sources to protect you and your business from exposure. Our Risk management APIs helps you to verify Payment Beneficiaries & Authenticate payment initiators across our suite of solutions.

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